Colouring Pages

Streets of Light

Shine the light of Jesus this Halloween – celebrate the light conquering the darkness with this window craft. Featuring the bible verse John 1:5 ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’

I have created a widow craft which you can make yourself.
Instructions: Window Craft 1

  1. Download this PDF: John 1v5 Window Craft
  2. Print the two pages onto black card (or paper)
  3. Using a craft knife, on a cutting board, carefully cut out each letter. (To be done by an adult)
  4. Cut pieces of tissue paper and using Pritt Stick, glue to the back. Leave to dry.
  5.  Then put in your front window. Leave a light/lamp on at night to shine through. So passers by can see the light shining in the darkness.

A message of Light over darkness, Life over death, Hope over fear & Love over hate.

Colouring Pages

I have drawn two versions of a rainbow window colouring page for you to colour in and display showing your support for key workers and a symbol of hope.

Colouring Page Rainbow Genesis 9v16

Colouring Page Rainbow Thank You

During these past few months due to the current situation, I have been creating some bible verse colouring sheets for the children (and anyone who wants) to colour in during the online services. They have been very well received and would love to share them with you.

Drawing Colouring page

Feel free to download, print off and colour!

Colouring page 1 Peter 4v13

Colouring page 1 Peter 5v7

Colouring Page Psalm 25v5

Colouring Page Mark 1v17

Colouring Page Mark 3v35

Colouring Page Mark 4v31-32

Colouring Page Mark 6v12

Colouring Page Mark 7v15