Children’s book

*I am looking to get this published.*

I have written and illustrated a children’s book called What Do You Want To Do? A lovely story which looks at gender stereotype and the importance of following your dreams and being yourself.

Have you ever been told you cannot do something?

Melissa has and this makes her sad. But she is not the only one.

Join Melissa as she makes new friends and discovers something really important.


Sketchbook page, mock book and drawings:



Pages 18 and 19

Pages 20 and 21


Slideshow of the book:

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For the project, to go with the story book, I put created a story sack containing resources which can be used in schools or at home in helping to engage children in the meaning of the story in a fun way. These include toys, audio CD and activity sheets (bag previously bought):



Poster that comes with the story sack: